OH SNAP! Birthday Party

OH SNAP! Birthday Party

Two friends with birthdays just days apart wanted to share a party with their group of friends. They had a common interest in photography and when kojo designs offered their printable set available for purchase as a donation for World Water Day, I knew it would be perfect for these teens with big hearts. The bright colors and vintage camera motifs made this a fun party to create.


The banner and balloons set a festive mood.


Sugar cookies decorated with fondant were inspired by the party decor. Fondant can be attached with piping gel or frosting. It is easy to use cookie cutters to cut the shapes  from the fondant. Graduated sets of round and square cutters were used here.

046More vintage camera cookies 


Orange slices, red licorice and gummy candy all added to the color palette.


Vintage cameras found at the antique mall became gifts for the birthday girls.


Chocolate cameras were made with a mold.


Cookies, all plated up.


 I like to use colorful papers to line trays.

The menu was rounded out with fresh fruit, chips and hummus.


Printable Party Set – Kojo Designs

Plates and Napkins – Target

Confetti Paper - aarietta

Pennant Banner – Martha Stewart at Michaels

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